Wednesday, February 19, 2014


It's true.  I've moved over to Wordpress.  The whole thing has been a real pain in the butt.  My posts aren't formatted correctly, the pictures didn't move over right: it's a work in process.

Still, you can find NEW POSTS over at  If you receive posts via e-mail, I will hopefully transition you safely to the new site.  However, just to be safe, the best way to receive new posts is to sign up over at the Wordpress site.  There's a nice, neat little box to put your email address in.

I cannot count on Facebook anymore!  Only 10% of people who "liked" my Facebook page actually see what I've posted there, because Facebook is mean and arbitrary.  So please subscribe!

This site will remain up for a while, though Google really hates when two sites have the same content.  Suck it up, Google.  Suck. It. Up.

See you at Wordpress.  Unless I change my mind and come back here out of frustration.