About HGL

Welcome to Holly Goes Lightly- a blog maintained by a woman who is not necessarily much like Holly Golightly, though we do both look good in hats.  We share the same first name, however, so we're practically like family.

Holly Goes Lightly, originally designed as a way to keep out-of-town relatives up to date on my children’s shenanigans, has evolved into… it’s still pretty much just a blog to keep out-of-town relatives up to date on my children’s shenanigans.

I have four kids: Caleb (8), Benjamin (6) and Daniel and Ella (4). I have a puppy who will hopefully some day be a dog. Her name is Kiah. I have a husband, John. He will hopefully someday be an adult. He’s a lawyer. I’m a writer. We’ve been married for over 11 years, which is a personal record for me. On a related note, this is my first marriage. 

Now is the part where I answer Q & A about myself and my blog:

What do you write about?

I write pithy posts about day to day life. Nothing too deep. Occasionally, I touch on politics, religion, depression, and other things you aren’t supposed to discuss at a dinner party.

Why write a blog?

I started one day on a whim and then I couldn’t stop.

Are you a “published” writer?

Yes!  A little bit!  See my website: writerhollyjennings.com
Not to brag, but I’m an exceptionally fast typist and a pretty good speller. Also, I know what a gerund is.

Hobbies and interests?

Oh, the usual. I bowl. Drive around. The occasional acid flashback.


I’m a Christian- the believe in Jesus is my personal savior kind- am interested in religious thought and philosophy. 

I like spending time with my family and friends. I read fiction, write fiction, collect leaves in the fall and snowflakes in the winter. I like old movies- especially black and white film noir, and anything with Joseph Cotton, Cary Grant, or Ingrid Bergman.  I play piano and am teaching myself the guitar. I recently learned how to use my sewing machine, so there’s that. I collect scrapbooking supplies and if I could, I would travel. I love the Adirondacks. I like camping in a tent and I wish peeing in the woods was easier for girls. I love NY State, but if the tax situation doesn’t improve, we could very well move to a warmer, cheaper climate.
I think my kids are pretty much the greatest.

I was never very good at bowling.

*** UPDATE:  Sold all my scrapbooking supplies.  It was never gonna happen.