Friday, May 1, 2009

To Get a Goggy or not to get a Goggy... This is the Question!

I think I have made myself abundantly clear on the matter. NO DOG until the twins are potty-trained. And I have gotten FLACK for this position. Namely, from my husband and his shifty co-conspirator, his own father, the honorable pastor, who IN FRONT OF THE CHILDREN has suggested we get a dog.

Of course the children would love a dog. When we pull into my in-laws' driveway, Daniel waves his chubby arms up and down and says "goggy goggy goggy goggy!!!" (Did I mention he is in speech therapy?) If we are in the backyard and he hears a dog barking in the distance, he perks his little ears like a deer being hunted and makes a short little gasping sound followed by a quiet... "goggy?"

John called me on the phone yesterday and said, "You're going to say no at first, but hear me out." Then I had to get the door or something and I completely forgot about him. TWENTY MINUTES LATER I heard his voice coming from the phone receiver. What a weirdo. I totally would have hung up on me.

Since I had forgotten about him, I felt obligated to listen to his tale of woe. The short story is that there's a goggy, a pure-bred Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, in need of a home. Apparently, this is the world's perfect dog for children (of course it is!) and has a little pooky cute face that you just want to love on. Against my better judgment, I am posting her picture. Her name is Ginger...

Reasons I don't want a dog:
  • Poop. Poop. Poop. I have been dealing in the s-word for the past six years without a break. I don't want to pick up poop out of the yard every day. Even if it's small spaniel poop. I just don't.
  • Poop.
  • Cost- the thing needs to be groomed, fed, watered, taken to the vet. Expensive!
  • Do you want to babysit my dog when we go away on vacation? I didn't think so.
  • Poop.
  • You're going to die. I'm going to die. We're all going to die. The dog is going to die, sooner rather than later. This is sad. I hate sad. I avoid it when possible.
  • The s-word.

Reasons to get a dog:

  • Daniel
  • Caleb
  • Ben
  • Ella
  • John

John says, "At least meet the dog." Really? That's fair? I make a definitive statement about my position and now you're dragging me to look at the little furball pooky face?

Your input would be appreciated.


Me (laura) said...

Holly, First of are a great writer!! I have read some of your columns and I love them! Second, here is my experience with the D (or should I say G word). We had a dog and a cat before my two little ones were born. Not a big deal. After they were born....HUGE deal. If I could do it all over again, my post-dog self would tell my pre-dog self to just say no!!! All of the "no" reasons you listed are all valid and true. Here's one you didn't mention that is one of my biggest annoyances: dog hair. Dog hair is EVERYWHERE. I hate hate hate vacuuming (and all housework for that matter) but if you have a dog you really should be vacuuming at least every other day if not everyday to keep up with it. It drives me crazy when people come over to visit that I am constantly worried that they will be bothered by the hair (cause it annoys the you-know-what out of me). And grooming is expensive and so are vet bills. Oh yes and going on vacation or even out of town for one or two're just adding more to that to-do list. Oh and don't forget about the fun times when the dog gets sick all over your floor. Gross.

I don't know. I am not an animal person. I like animals and I honestly enjoyed taking care of my animals before I had my kids but now it honestly is just one more thing I have to do that I don't have time to do. Do my kids love the dog? Yes....but I'm honestly not sure that that outweighs everything else. I don't know. I have friends that have a dog or dogs (and kids) and are totally fine. But they are either dog lovers or organized, clean freaks that have everything managed and under control and actually enjoy vacuuming. Yeah, let's just say that I don't even come close to falling into one of those categories!! :) I guess my suggestion if you do end up getting a dog, is to wait until your kids are a little older. They will appreciate it more, they will help more and you won't be so caught up in the diaper trenches so you might have more patience, time and energy to have a dog. Also, try and make some kind of enclosed (fenced) dog kennel where the dog can go to the bathroom because otherwise every single time your kids want to go outside, you will have to go out there and "poop-proof" the yard. We do have a dog kennel so thankfully we don't have to deal with that!

Good luck!!!

Laura (McCasland) Lazan

Joyce said...

You would absolutely NOT have to worry about the dog when you go away, even if it's for a few hours and you just need someone to check in on her. As you know, I love dogs SO MUCH it's ridiculous, but if I wasn't available you know Mom or Sigrid would take care of her too. Also, I'm pretty sure it's ok for me to have little animals in my little apartment.

Secondly, dogs totally enhance quality of life! I miss Calvin SO MUCH, even though he was a jerk and not very cuddly or sweet, he still made me very happy. And even though it was painful when he died, I would do it all over again!

In conclusion: I am very pro-Ginger. WHAT A SWEETIE. I am totally buying her if you don't.

cholette said...

I want a dog myself, but my co-homeowner says NO. :( However, I think that your potty training rule is VERY fair, so hold your ground! If John is so eager for a dog, maybe he is willing to take over potty training for the twins? :p

JR said...

I am pro-doggy - because of the joy, companionship and the responsibility, character and compassion they can unintentionally, innately and specifically teach children: regardless of the poop they generate. :)

I have always had dogs - the hair can be vacuumed (no different than daily vacuuming), vet bills aren't cheap - but typically aren't often. The only thing you can account for are the unexpected injuries/illnesses...but if you care for your dog (as I know you would), this will be minor.

Yes it can be a pain if they puke on the floor because of whatever reason - but its cleanable (is that a word?). For those few moments, there will be endless memories of the joy and comfort they will bring to you and your children. Surprisingly, they will be a part of your routine before you know it. Adjustments - yes, but you're certainly used to that!

I love having a dog around when Tim is at work (which is basically whenever I am home). I am delighted to walk in the door and be greeted...and she loves the kids. The entertainment that each provides the other.... ah, its just wonderful!

So...go goggy!