Sunday, November 29, 2009


Perhaps even more amusing than Daniel catapulting his peas across the kitchen is the conversation between John and Caleb. They are discussing whether or not all scientists are nerds. How much studying of science DOES make one a "nerd?" These are perplexing questions. I'm so proud my son has thought to ask them.

Caleb is the only child, by the way, who will eat turkey. Ella won't even eat apple pie, which is making me wonder if perhaps she was conceived when we were in Canada, because she doesn't seem American.

I really hate dinner time.


J. Andersen said...

Ah, yes. The struggles of children and food. Thanksgiving was interesting for us as well. You see, Ian does not like turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, potatoes, or anything remotely "Thanksgivingish." Fun times!

Michelle said...

Oohh! I bet that was learned from a big brother? Yes?

Thanks for stopping by my bloggy! I'm now following you...and am kind of tripping that you have FOUR kids and still have time to read...and have a blog??? WHUUTT?? ;)

Emily said...

She's just related to her uncle, Joshua, who does not eat apple pie either. He does, however, eat turkey.