Sunday, September 26, 2010

Dog People

The other night I found myself in Rite Aid with my arms full of diapers, puppy chow, and vitamins. I felt like a grown up.

Want to know what I never dreamed I’d be doing? Not in a million years? Potty-training twins and a puppy. At the same time. Three creatures. And guess who’s doing the best? She is fuzzy, she is almost nine weeks old, and she is of canine descent.

We have been dog people for one week today. We are all adjusting. I’ve steeped myself in dog literature and could probably lead a seminar on raising puppies. Some worthwhile tidbits you might be interested to know:

- If a dog pees on your carpet, do not use an ammonia-based cleaner to clean it. Because ammonia is a component of urine, to the dog it’s like you’re washing urine with urine. You might as well put up a sign that says “this spot on the carpet is for your peeing pleasure.”

- Dogs will do anything for bacon-flavored treats. My husband took one whiff of the treats and was sorely tempted. Bacon does make everything better. Like omelets.

- I keep reading it is bad to give your dog rawhide bones. Apparently, the rawhide can splinter off and rupture a dog’s stomach or appendix or something. “They” say there are good chewing-toy alternatives. This is a lie. There is nothing a dog loves to chew more than a rawhide bone. We like to live dangerously in our household, anyway.

Some pics from the past week:

Picture's a bit fuzzy, dog's a bit fuzzy.

Kiah and her grandma.

Caleb is really that excited about having a puppy.

The collar's not a big hit.

Ella likes to cover her up. Actually, this is a problem. "Smothering" is a concern.

I want that life.

To sleep perchance to dream... of bacon.

Pretty girl.

Sometimes Kiah sleeps splayed out like a Thanksgiving turkey.

Kiah's a big hit with almost everyone. (Was not a big hit with Daniel when she pulled down his pants with her teeth.) John is more in love with this dog than I've ever seen him in love with anyone. More than with me when we first met, more than his newborn children, more than Dan Marino, more than that girl who loves hockey on How I Met Your Mother.

How to capture what John is like around this dog? Perhaps through song... This one is from the musical The Music Man and was popularized by
the Beatles.

There were bells
On the hill
But I never heard them ringing...
No I never heard them at all
'Til there was you!

Etc., etc.

We're having fun. It's a little tiring.

The comment section below is for you to tell me how adorable my dog is. Don't be shy, now.


greenlizard said...

Very sweet puppy. Seems like a big hit with the kids too! We're not "dog people" - at least that's what we have always said... but much to my husband's chagrin I've started asking him to think about it for christmas for the kids... we'll see. And hey, does this mean you're back?!

Holly said...

I recommend getting a dog in warm weather- easier to potty train. Easter puppy? And I guess I am back!

Jessica said...

I gave you an award - check out my blog (Too Beautiful for Earth) <3

Holly said...

Thank you Jessica!

I'm a little disappointed at the lack of gushing over the adorableness of my dog. There should be waaaay more gushing.

MGBR said...

Okay, all right -- while I am truly thankful not to own a dog, I admit that your dog is truly cute. Perhaps one of Kiah's great-grand-nieces will see our household ready to take that ginormous step toward adulthood.

Woodswoman Extraordinaire said...

OoooooOOOHHhhh! Dang, she is cute! Makes me want a puppy... except for the hard work and chewing and potty training part of it. I love the expression on Caleb's face. I've always thought little boys need puppies in their lives.

hokgardner said...

Ohh - squee! She is so cute. I want one, but we cannot possibly bring another living creature into this already too small house.

Elizabeth said...

Oh I'm so happy you have a little Aussie running round your house! Kiah (great name) is gorgie!

Holly said...

I thought you'd like that she's an Aussie!