Monday, November 8, 2010

Maryland Redux

This weekend, we made our annual trek to Maryland, which is still the land of my sister, Mary.

The weather in Maryland did not live up to my expectations this year. The diminutive state remained rather chilly; it really wasn’t much warmer there than New York. I did not go snorkeling in the bay.

We drove down in a deluge. I drove five hours, and John drove three, which was unfair, and I will complain about it relentlessly until next year. A trucker gave me the finger on the beltway, and I responded inappropriately. That’s about all the excitement there was on the drive down.

Nathan and Mary live in a sprawling community where they have to pay homeowner’s association dues and where the neighborhood garden club is extremely active.  It’s a nice neighborhood. Therefore, it was a little bit alarming when, while Nate and Mary were off at a church meeting, the doorbell rang and I was confronted with one Jane Doe, resident meth junkie.

Doorbell rings. Holly answers door.

Holly: Hello.

Jane Doe: Hi. I’m your neighbor. I live two doors down. I’m really sick and I’m looking for someone to help me out until tomorrow.

Holly: Oh no! What’s wrong?

Jane Doe: I have Crohn’s disease. I’m in pretty bad shape and was wondering if you could help me out.

Holly: Okay- what do you need? Help around the house?

Jane Doe: No, no- nothing like that. I need to get my prescription.

Holly: Do you need a ride?

( I will insert here that I am na├»ve, gullible, and thick.)

Jane Doe: No- I just need money to cover the prescription. Can you loan me $40 until tomorrow?

(This is where John butted in.)

John: We’re not your neighbors. We’re just guests. I think it would be better if you found help from someone you know.

Jane Doe: (Getting desperate.) What. You’re not going to be here tomorrow? Cause I’ll give you the money back tomorrow, if that’s what you’re worried about.

Holly: I’d be happy to drive you to the drugstore and get your prescription for you.

John: I’m sorry we can’t help you.

Jane Doe: Fine. (Leaves in a huff.)

Holly: So nice to meet you!!!

(Later, we find out that there is a warning about Jane Doe on the homeowner’s website because she is a known panhandler. Apparently, she hangs out in front of the Giant and asks passers by for $40: no more, no less. I’m starting to suspect she doesn’t really have Crohn’s disease, which is total affront to those who really DO have this debilitating condition.)

A photographic journey of our journey:

The neighborhood has its own private beach. 

Caleb is quite adept at skipping stones.

I've decided I look best in black and white.  Sigh.
On Saturday, we drove out to the resort town of North Beach!  It was quite deserted.  The candy shop was open and I bought some salt-water taffy for half off.  John and I argued after he said that salt-water taffy is "the most overrated candy ever."  I said, are you daft, man? Anything that bad for your teeth is delish.
Uncle Nate takes the kids longboarding.  You can't go through life always wearing a helmet, people.  That's no way to live.  (I worked really hard not to do any arm flapping and shrieking.)

Caleb, Margot, Adam, and Ben
John, about five seconds before he fell into the bay.
This is called a bluff. 
North Beach clock.  Tally-ho!
My boy.
We spent at least 1/3 of our visit situating the kids into various picture-taking poses.
John's brother, wife, and our nephew Julian met us in Harrisburg for brunch.  The boys would not look at the camera.  But, hey, it's a nice shot of Michael, my good-looking brother-in-law.
The twins were shuffled between three sets of grandparents.  My mother kept Kiah.  During our time in Maryland, she called us several times.  The phone calls became increasingly frenzied, a la the babysitter at the end of the movie The Incredibles.  You know, the one watching baby Jack Jack?  Kiah puts baby Jack Jack to shame. 

Which is why this week, I give up and am looking into obedience school.  For the dog.  And maybe for me.  We could both use some training as I've never been a dog-owner, and she's never been a proper dog.  First, she has to get her rabies shots.  Ouch.

I'd like to bring her to Maryland next year: should John fall into the bay again, I have no doubt Kiah would pull him out.

Last year's trip to Maryland.


Mom said...

I find that this morning, negative memories are fading and the fact that Kiah is adorable sticks in my mind. Puppyhood will soon pass and before you know it - well, I won't go there.

Nice pix.

Anonymous said...

Corrie usually drives a lot more than 5 hours of our 9-10 hour trip to see you guys. If she refuses, I punish taking to the wheel myself. Typically this makes her carsick within 10 minutes. I then get to read a novel and sip coffee for the rest of the trip.
This is explains why we typically visit only once per year. We make up for it by staying far longer than fish or visitors should.

Jessie Andersen said...

I have to admit I was a little disappointed to not see pics of John IN the bay! That would have given room for a good chuckle. :)

Holly said...

Jessie- I made a promise. I'm sorry, too.

Grant- I feel Corrie's pain. I get carsick driving three minutes to Wegmans. And I'm the one driving. However, I can avoid this by promptly falling asleep in the passenger seat, hence the complaining.

Corrie comes up more than once a year! You're the slacker.

Elizabeth said...

I loved the pics of Marysland. The children are adorable and I agree B&W pics of smoochy couples are the best.