Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Best Picture in the History of Pictures

My sister has a serious serious problem.  She goes online, looks at pictures of dogs in need of adoption, and then runs out and rescues them from imminent doom. 

She has gone from 0 to 2 dogs in the last 4 months.

That's like a 200% increase in dogs. 

Having recently gone through a 100% increase in dogs myself, I think she is off her nutter. 

She has a pointer who suffers from separation anxiety.  His name is Jeff.  Now, she has a beagle-type dog who is apparently female.  Her name is Maize. 

She also runs a food pantry, goes to school part-time, and has two precocious children.  I love them very much, but they are precocious.  Mary would be the first to admit this, because their precociousness is quite obviously hereditary. 

Nevertheless, the sudden whirlwind of canine activity in my sister's household has provided the world with the best picture in the history of pictures:

  I told you.


Debbie said...


Lori said...

I love that picture! I heard it was Margot's idea!

Jessie said...

That pic needs to be submitted to a contest somewhere. Awesome!! Love it.

Amanda Gibson said...

How cute is that? If I had that many kids AND that many dogs I'd be wishing for them to take naps like that ALL THE TIME. Their being quiet AND cute. Can't beat that!

BTW - I know that to most two kids and two dogs isn't very much - but, to me, it may as well be a million of each. I'm mostly a one kid, one dog kind of gal. :o)

Holly said...

I think I'm a one kid, no dog kind of girl, myself. I'm not sure what happened exactly.

Miss Megan said...

Best picture ever!1! Visiting from M&M, and now following=)