Tuesday, April 26, 2011

April is Wet and I Don't Like It

On Saturday, I was granted an entire day all to myself.  One whole day.  I slept in until an unseemly hour and then guess what I did? 

If you guessed that I scrubbed and cleaned the first floor of my house in my underwear while singing the part of Mimi from La Boheme as it blasted from my iPod, you are correct. 

Then, Kiah and I took a stroll.  (I put on clothes.)  It was a rather lovely day.  As I walked by, my neighbor asked if everything was okay, because she had heard shrieking noises coming from the house.  Apparently, she doesn't clean her house to Puccini. 

I uploaded some pictures from the month of April.  Blogger is uploading pictures sideways- Blogger and Canon are incompatible or something or other.  I could not fix it, so some of the pictures are presenting themselves in a jaunty fashion.

We spent Easter Sunday at the in-laws, where all of John's brothers were accounted for.  I also have pictures of Ella's first experience at a bowling alley, fun times and frosting at my mom's house, a pic of John growing older right before our very eyes, and sideways Ben being cute at the swimming pool. 

The first pic is of Kiah and her bff Edelweiss, who were digging in mud puddles on a particularly soggy day.  They got the hose. 

Kiah knows digging in mud puddles is strictly forbidden.  Oh she knows.

John is 34!

Ben is a fish.

Ella finds the fan at the bowling alley. 

Ella helps me bowl and no joke- we got a strike. 
My mom hid Easter eggs around the house for the kids.  They were each allowed ten.  If there weren't limitations on egg procurement, there would be unbalance and unrest.
My kiddoes.

There was also cookie decorating and eating of icing off straight out of the bowls.  Caleb told me to quit it- that it was gross. 

Celeste finds an egg in sideways land.
Celeste helps Ella- such a wonderful big cousin!

Uncle Richie visits sideways land to help Ella.

Ben!  My boy Ben!

All the cousins.  I wanted to put Michelle's belly in the picture, but she just laughed at me and then disappeared.  Which was irritating.

Caleb!  My boy Caleb!

Lisa! My girl Lisa!

Someone decided the world wasn't paying enough attention to him, so he donned a neon green shirt.
Trying to take a picture for my website.  (This did not make the cut.)  WHY didn't anyone tell I've grown chipmunk cheeks?  I really don't need this in my life right now.


Debbie said...

I like to clean when I've got the whole house to myself; I wear my PJs and put Abba on and sing loudly and offkey to it in my "not so pleasant" singing voice. Imagine my despair when I turn around and find I'm not alone! Nice pictures!

Holly said...

Oh Abba. I'm the dancing queen in the kitchen. Abba's on the iPod, too.

Amanda Gibson said...

I with you - cleaning is best done ALONE. Then there's no one there to follow behind you and mess everything up. No, that happens about 2 minutes after they walk back in the door. I've recently decided that my family has to stay in the garage (or back yard, or car - just so they're not in the house) for at least 24 hours after said cleaning occurs. They can just sit outside and look in the window and see me laying on the couching breathing in the CLEAN. Maybe that will make them RESPECT THE CLEAN.

Man, I'll bet I'm fun to live with.

Also, cleaning is best done bra-less in pajamas (or in underwear, whatever) with your hair sticking up. Which is another good reason for cleaning alone. Nobody really wants to see that.

Elizabeth said...

You know you a dead ringer for Renee Zellweger don't you?

Glad your Easter was good. Cleaning when no one is home is the best.
and the pic of all your babes is lovely.

Holly said...

Bridget Jones, maybe. Not so much Renee!

MGBR said...

Please pardon the delayed additions to these here comments. I had fallen off the face of the planet, but now I'm back, so of course I'm catching up on "Holly Goes Lightly."

First, cleaning solo whilst home alone is my idea of a holiday. It hasn't happened for months and months, and I don't foresee it happening anytime soon. Tom does not understand this deep longing of my heart.

Second, that picture of John in the neon shirt gave me the best belly laugh I've had in weeks...well, at least one week (and it's been one heckuva week). So thanks.