Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I'm like Groupon, only better. Well, today anyway.

Readers of Holly Goes Lightly in the Rochester area are being offered free movie tickets!  (My apologies to you non-New Yorkers.  Not only can gays marry here, but we get free movie tickets!  Life is sweet!) The first 40 people to follow the link below will be sent two movie passes to the film, Zookeeper, starring the affable Kevin James, and some animals.  Looks like a zebra and a lion are featured.  The screening will take place at Regal Henrietta, which is right there in Henrietta.  I forget what the road's called.  It's down the street from the Walmart. 

The screening takes place July 6 at 7:00. 

I nabbed two tickets, so technically there are only 39 offers left.  Upon my honor, I will not use a different IP and e-mail address to get two more. 

To receive the tickets, go to:  WWW.GOFOBO.COM/RSVP

Then, type in the RSVP confirmation code:  4VIP92C8

Tell your friends!  


Liz said...

I just nabbed 2 tickets... have you done this before? It says to get there early b/c they "oversell". We'll see how this works! Thanks!

Holly said...

I've been to a couple free screenings have and never had a problem. It would be quite terrible to take your kid, however, and be told they were sold out. Hmmm.