Sunday, July 17, 2011

Top Ten Reasons Holly Should Get a Pool in 2012

1. The home in which she rears her children and works lacks central air. Yet, the long-suffering and meek individual that she is, she rarely complains.

2. She enjoys swimming and is exceptionally good at the side-stroke.  Her children ALSO enjoy swimming.  Studies show that families who swim together stay together, and children who come from homes with pools are 88% less likely to fall into drinking and drugs.  It's true. 

3. A pool is the perfect place to hold "2012 the world is ending" parties.  If should also be pointed out that since the world is coming to the end, concerns about paying off the pool are moot. 

4. She feels bad that every time a friend calls for a play date, she asks if they have a pool. She’s starting to feel desperate and rude.

5. She is currently undergoing a rigorous physical exercise regime that will ensure that by the summer of 2012, she will look perfectly acceptable in a bathing suit.

6. She gave birth to twins.


And one jumped of them into the world feet first.

She feels she should also mention the epidural was not working at full capacity toward the end.

It should be mentioned that she breastfed said twins for 15 months, saving $3000+ in formula costs. Of course she did it because it was the best thing for her babies, but she can’t help but also point out that a pair of perfectly lovely 34Cs were absolutely ruined in the process.

7. She acquiesced to becoming a dog owner and has, for the last 10 months, been responsible for 90% of poop-pick-up duties, despite promises made by certain individuals who shall remain nameless but know who they are. Yet, the long-suffering and meek individual that she is, she has not complained, even when picking up steamy feces before her rambunctious children run barefoot into the backyard.

8. Two weeks ago, she purchased a $50 Walmart pool with filter, commissioned a friend to help her put it together, and filled it up with fresh water from a reliable hose. Exactly 5 hours later, a certain individual who shall remain nameless let the aforementioned dog run outside, jump into new pool, and rip open pool with claws which resulted in the demise of the pool. Yet, the long-suffering and meek individual that she is, she has not complained.

9. She’s pretty sure that inserted into the wedding vows was, “after twelve years of marriage, I promise to buy my wife a pool. Not doing so allows the wife to run off with Timothy Olyphant who will provide her with multiple pools and cosmetic surgery to restore her boobs to their former glory."

10. Holly is "nice."  Niceness should be rewarded with pools. 


Holly reads post to husband.

Husband:  I feel like this post is leading up to something.
Holly:  What?
Husband:  You asking me for a pool.

Can't pull anything over on this guy. 


MGBR said...

Reason #11: When you get a pool, visits from the Rivers family will increase 400%.

Anonymous said...

You deserve a pool!!!!!!!!

hokgardner said...

Let me know if this works. Because if it does, I'll use it on my husband.

Amanda Gibson said...

I think all that not complaining definitely rates a pool. Maybe even a pool AND a hot tub.

Eileen said...

You deserve a pool if for no other reason than you wrote the word "Vaginally" on your blog.

Holly said...

It's not working. I think he's mad I said "vaginally" on the internet.

Miss Megan said...

You absolutely need a pool. NEED. How on earth do you survive in a home without central A/C? Yikes! You have to stay cool somehow! And I definitely think you, and your former and current body totally deserve it. =).
And I think it's hilarious that you said vaginally on your blog! Hehe!

Tamika said...

I adore this post. I adore it. In fact - I wish I had thought of it! LOL LOL

Debbie said...

I tried Holly... I really tried... I tripped John as he was coming down the hall, no not really, but I did demand he buy you a pool... and he said NO WAY... I tried :-(

Debbie said...

Maybe you should ask your Dad to buy you a pool.... yeah, that's the ticket... your Dad!!