Thursday, June 7, 2012

Gratuitous Pics of My Kids Accomplishments: A Very Special Thursday Post

A blog provides a wonderful platform for bragging about how awesome one's kids are.  My kids are awesome.  And they're cute.  (Ben would be cuter, but he's determined to grow an afro.  I don't know.)  In the course of the past few days, Caleb and Ben performed at their annual studio piano recital, Ella had her first dance recital, and the twins graduated from preK.  I weeped as I wrote thank-you letters to their preK teachers, who have taught all four of my kids, and tried to be optimistic about a future with no... babies.  No more babies!  MY KIDS GREW!  They told me it would happen but I didn't really buy into it.  I thought I'd be up to my ears in diapers forever.  No one even wears pull-ups to bed any more.  


Ben examines his very first piano trophies.

I'm not saying I'd ever be a pageant mom, but I can see the allure.

I think little girls who cut their own hair are frowned upon in the pageant industry.

Then again, she has star quality, I think.

Ella is third from the left.

In a mad rush from the recital to the graduation, the audience doesn't know that Ella wears only a leotard beneath her gown.

She waits for us. 

***  The story of our wonder dog's return from the dead is currently down due to "technical difficulties" but will be back up shortly.

And finally, revel in the cuteness:  (I'm firing my camera person.  She is a disgrace to dance recital moms.)


Heidi said...

I think your camera lady should join the ranks of the camera man I recently fired! ;) The kids are too cute. I love Ella's costume!

Kim said...

Those dimples on Ella are adorable! Your kids are too cute! And congratulations on having a household of potty-trained children... I envy you.

Anonymous said...

I think the video is great. Ella is adorable.

Jessica said...

lovely post - adorable kids as always :)

Jessica said...

oh and i had to google why the tower is that tall... history is not my thing lol but let's pretend it's "baby brain" ok? ;)