Friday, September 25, 2009

A Good Kid

Conversation with Caleb, just a few minutes before the bus came:

Holly: Did you go to the potty?

Caleb: Yes. (pause) But I didn’t put the seat up this time. And I didn’t pee on it, so it was okay.

Holly: Well, that’s good. But I’d still rather you put the seat up when you go.

Caleb: Why? I hardly EVER get pee on the seat.

Holly: So you do sometimes?

Caleb: Hardly ever.

Holly: Well, let’s turn hardly ever into never by putting up the seat when you pee.

Caleb: (dramatic sigh) Can’t I just be carefuller?

Holly: Yes. Be more careful. With the seat up.

Caleb: (long pause) Daddy doesn’t put the seat up.

Holly: That’s interesting information. Thank you for sharing that.

(Bus turns the corner)

Caleb: (Big sigh.) Another day at school. I sometimes don’t like peeing at school because D___ always tries to listen when people go. Girls shouldn't listen to boys pee. I don’t like that. Well, see ya, mom. When I get home, I’ll try to remember to put the seat up when I go to the bathroom.

Holly: I appreciate that.

Caleb: Don’t forget I want a snack when I get home. Maybe popcorn. Or an apple. Don’t forget.

Holly: I would never. I love you, buddy!

Caleb: (Running down the driveway.) I love you mom! See you later!


MGBR said...

Seat up or seat down, our potty *always* stinks like pee! (Maybe it's my husband I should be reprimanding...?)

Holly said...


I'm slowly learning the battles that aren't worth fighting :)

EcoMeg said...

So cute!