Sunday, February 28, 2010

Letter I Wrote to Stephen King

WARNING: SPOILER ALERT for the film The Mist

Dear Mr. King,

I'm upset by the ending of the film The Mist. I get the whole distopian (dystopian?) theme you had going there, but really? The father shoots the little boy in the head? My whole week is ruined. Where was the redemption?

(I DID enjoy when Mrs. Carmody got shot in the head. Crazy women out to sacrifice children getting shot in the head= good. Little children getting shot in the head= bad.)

My husband wants me to tell you that Roland is awesome. He is in favor of Christian Bale playing the part of Roland but I think the guy who plays Sawyer on Lost would be good and should be considered.

I am thinking of persistently e-mailing you until I get an apology for ruining my week. You may be hearing from me again.



(I'm a big fan.)

Response from one Jordan Hahn, "Webmaster?"

Jordan M. Hahn to me
show details 12:33 AM (11 hours ago)

Stephen did write the novella The Mist, but he did not write the movie. The movie and the novella ended differently.

The Dark Tower series is not being adapted into a film currently.

Mr. Hahn,

That is true. But the director of the film stated that Mr. King said he approved of the ending of the film and wished HE had thought of it first.

But you are right. Perhaps my anger is misdirected. I will now stalk and harass the director and writer of the script until I get the apology I believe I deserve.



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