Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Be Nice to Me. I Can Vote.

Recently, Ella has lifted her longstanding moratorium on not eating green foods. Last week, she ate green beans. Last night, she ate two large helpings of broccoli.

There was great rejoicing in the land. The possibilities for the future seem so hopeful now: Palestine vs. Israel? Peace is a workable option. A Beatles reunion? Why not? Death is but a small obstacle. A woman’s right to vote? Wait! That happened. Ninety years ago. Feels like yesterday.

I kid. I was not there. In fact, I rarely think much about it. I learned today was the anniversary from google. I did enjoy singing that song from Mary Poppins when I was little- the one sung by the flighty suffragette Mrs. Banks…

Our daughter’s daughters will adore us
And we’ll sing in grateful chorus…

She wasn’t really a great example of the fairer sex, come to think of it. Catchy tune, though.

English women got the full right to vote eight years after American women did. (It was, English historians explain, a process. Like Ella finally coming around and accepting green foods.)

So commemorate this day and to further exhibit my whitewashed feminist leanings, here are some links to help you embrace your right to vote, no matter your race, creed, or religion, as well as some links about how crappy women still have it, even in certain communities and cultures within America.

And for the record, I love men. Even though they’re hairy.

In fact, I often prefer to hang with men over women. Especially men who… I better stop now. My husband reads this.

Find your local congressman. Or woman.

Contact state and local government officials.

Ann Coulter is so cranky. And she says the dumbest things. I dislike her.

Read about Susan B. Anthony, and if you live in the Rochester-area, consider visiting her home! (Bring some pepper spray. It's kind of in the ghetto.)

Not all "feminists" are pro-choice.

Ban the Burka! A really great article.

Is there anything scarier than sex trafficking?

Female circumcision happens even in the States.

Every 21 days, someone in the U.S. dies as a result of domestic violence.

And just to prove how much I LOVE MEN I post this video "Cool Men Don't Look At Explosions." Because, I think I would totally look at the explosions. And also, as things were exploding, I would be stumbling around and flapping my arms and shrieking. Because I'm a girl. So I really respect you men who don't look at explosions.

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