Friday, August 20, 2010

Holly Goes Lightly Is Experiencing Technical Difficulties

So, I've gone and lost my super cute custom domain, all because Google is stupid and does not cater to the needs of technologically unsavvy stay-at-home mothers. Who are at least 2/3rds of the blogger population.

To make a horribly boring story really long, here we go: my domain registration wasn't renewed because I forgot to update my payment information after my credit card was stolen out of my vehicle along with my GPS, cell phone, and camera, which I know I have griped about in a previous post. Deep breath. Even though a really nice man took the time to call me and warn me my domain was about to expire, I still allowed it to happen because the website Who does things all weird. They said my domain would not expire until July 2011, but the nice man at GoDaddy said that they actually display the date a whole year later than the ACTUAL expiration date, and you can find this information somewhere on their complicated website. AND Google Apps is apparently different from plain old Google, and I had this whole other email address I didn't even know about. And Google doesn't have a customer service number. You have to troll forums hoping to find an answer to your obscure question.

Bloggy people who are technologically unsavvy NEED someone to walk them through things, so they don't break their monitors with their rather large and bulky Writer's Digest Grammar Desk Reference. (On a somewhat related note, last weekend I used the word electronical in a sentence. ELECTRONICAL.)

It's all been rather exhausting.

To get my domain name back, I will have to pay an exorbitant fee, which is not really in my budget, especially since Caleb informed me yesterday that I better start saving for his Spy School education. It costs lots of money to be a spy, what with all those fancy gadgets and all.

I'm back to my original clunky domain name, If I don't get my old domain back, I will lose a lot of readers. This is very anti-bloggy, the losing of readers.

And to top it all off, this is a conversation I had with Ella's speech therapist today:

Speech Therapist: Does Ella put a lot of things in her mouth that she's not supposed to? (After Ella takes a sticker ST gave her and promptly inhales it like it's pizza.)

Holly: Some things, I guess.

ST: Like what kinds of things?

Holly: Hmmmm. Let's see. Things Ella puts in her mouth. Coins, dimes, pennies, quarters. Marbles. Cereal off the floor. Dry macaroni. Pen caps. Legos. Barrettes, hair bands, hair. Her hair, my hair.

She eats dirt, sand, little pebbles, medium-sized pebbles. Lint. Dust. Grass.

Sock fuzzies, Barbie shoes, memory cards.

And play-doh. Oh,man, how that girl LOVES play-doh.

Why. Is this not normal?

(ST's eyes are wide. Apparently, not normal. Appointment with additional therapist forthcoming.)

So, you can see the STRESS I am under lately. Plus, there's a fly buzzing around my face and a pungent skunk lurking outside. AND, I cleaned my sheets today but haven't put them on the bed yet, so there's that to look forward to.

I'm going to hang in there. Hang in there with me?


Anonymous said...

I'm still here.

Don't let that speech lady get you down. It's a well known fact that brilliant people put things in their mouths.

Holly said...

Thank you, Anonymous.

MGBR said...

Absolutely--with prayers, to boot...and to boost.

We all go a little mad sometimes.... said...

I most certainly will hang in there with you :)