Monday, August 3, 2009

The thing about Daniel...

I live with a guy who verbally and emotionally abuses me on a regular basis.

I know. You are shocked. Let me give you some examples so you will know I am telling the truth.

Sometimes, when I smile at him, he grunts at me. Once in a while I think he actually snarls. This happens most often right after he wakes up. Hey, I’m not a morning person either, but I try to be a decent human being anyway.

If he asks me for something and I don’t jump to it THAT SECOND, he withholds affection. He shuts down and refuses to look at me at all. He crosses his arms and glares at me until I feel very uncomfortable.

Sometimes, he throws things in an act of aggression. I think he’s trying to establish himself as the alpha male. He can be sexist, constantly expecting that I as the female get him drinks and food. He won’t let me near his stuff: God FORBID I play around with his cell phone.

Quite frankly, his behavior frightens me at times.

There have been moments where I have felt like I was in danger physically. He hit me once. Maybe more than once. One time, he bit me on the knee.

Before you call social services, I should tell you this guy is 2 years old.

You see, the thing about Daniel is…

He can be kind of a jerk.

But I keep going back for more. He’s just so stinking good looking. And when he’s in a good mood, when he’s been fed, he’s had enough to drink and his pants are dry… oh the good times we have. The snuggling! The slobbery kisses! The laughter that emanates from his belly!

The thing is, after he is cruel, he almost always is sorry. He comes to me and puts his arms out and I take him back every time. I hold him and tell him I love him. Mostly because if I didn’t, well…

I think we can stop this twisted little analogy now.

I do it because I’m his mama and that’s what mamas do.

(Can you tell I’m having a difficult Daniel day?)

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