Saturday, October 31, 2009

So We Went Out Last Night

Last night, on the eve of Halloween, my husband and I met our friends The Editor and Toaster for dinner and a smashing concert at Boulder Coffee in the city.

(The Editor and Toaster actually have lovely, normal names, but I have chosen to use their google pseudonyms. The Editor is my hero because he quit his job as a litigator at THE FIRM to become a full-time writer. The Toaster is my hero because she let him, and more importantly, because she is the #2 reviewer on Amazon, and even more importantly than that, my one and only friend. And I know other reviewers are very jealous of our relationship. Ha ha!)

Toaster and The Editor’s brother-in-laws have a band called Extended Family. If you enjoy the dulcet tones of late sixties and seventies blues rock, you would dig this band. They have bongos. And a small child who plays the guitar for at least the first half of their show. An ADORABLE small child. Need I say more? (I can’t even venture off to rock concerts without falling completely in love with some small child I see. My purpose on this earth seems to be to gush over infants and toddlers and tiny rock stars.)

The band members, all male, were dressed up for Halloween as “dead rockers.” Buddy Holly was easy to spot, and Toaster correctly guessed the bongo player was Roy Orbison. I’m not sure who the lead singer was supposed to be… maybe Janis Joplin.

Boulder Coffee Co. Music and CafĂ© sells booze. The man behind the bar was, and there is no polite way to say this, a line Nazi. John noted that it was not a “belly up to the bar” kind of place. The bartender/barista was adamant that the line started on the right. If you happened to venture up to the left, god help you. John had bellied up before anyone else formed a line, but was told tersely that he was standing in the wrong spot. Whenever someone starts a sentence with the words “Just to let you know…” you can pretty much guarantee he or she is kind of an ass.

Later in the evening, a large, surly looking dude was told to move his tuckus from where he was standing and to GET IN LINE.

“I’m just checking out what drinks you have,” said large, surly dude.

Apparently, you can check out what drinks they have IN LINE on the right side of the bar.

This sort of attitude will not garner him tips.

The Editor’s brother-in-laws, who play in the band, are the husbands of his twin sisters.

Twins amaze me. I often forget I have twins when I encounter an adult set of twins. I always want to ask them questions… do you feel sad when the other feels sad? Did you like having a twin when you were young? If your husband and your twin were dangling from a cliff and you could only save one, who would you choose?

Twins are awesome. These sisters actually live in houses right next to each other. They each have kids, and the whole environment is sort of like a compound, only not a weird fundamentalist Mormon type of compound, but a cool twin compound.

Twins are so awesome.

I’ll tell you what is not awesome, and that is deer. While driving the babysitter home last night, I spotted three deer in my neighbor’s yard at the edge of my development. They were ghostly in the moonlight. Or rather, ghostly in the headlights as it was quite cloudy. Anyway, they were ghostly.

When I returned to my development, they were still there in the exact same positions, their eyes glowing an abnormal shade of green. And I think they had sharp, glistening teeth. And pointed hooves. It was all quite frightening. I honked at them and they didn’t budge.

These deer are very brave to hang out in my neighborhood. As you turn into one of the streets that leads into my development, you will spot a sign that says “Shotguns for Sale.” The sign then states the house number where said shotguns can be bought. You wouldn’t see signs like this in the city.

Except for the creepy deer, it was a fabulous evening, even though I did not win an Extended Family t-shirt, which I would have worn to bed proudly every night. I’ve been told one might be “gotten” for me… we’ll see how that turns out.

In other news… I’m thrilled the Adirondack Almanack has chosen my post “Why I Hate the Adirondack Northway” as a Weekly Adirondack Web Highlight. I’ve been complaining about the Northway for years. This just goes to show that posting your complaints in a public forum can be rewarding. Yay for free speech! I feel compelled to write further North Country tales about my ornery grandmother and her beautiful habitat.


Toaster said...

That bartender WAS a line Nazi! Otherwise, it was a very fun night. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you had a good time!

Twin #2

The Editor said...

Also present was The Most Interesting Man In The World -- who, notably, is neither John nor myself. We tried to avoid him as much as possible.

Next time we will try to persuade Holly to have an alcoholic beverage, if the bartender deems her worthy.

Holly said...

I didn't mention The Most Interesting Man In The World because I didn't want to make you feel bad.