Saturday, December 26, 2009

Now With Better Resolution...

I think one of John’s great disappointments in life is that he married a woman who cannot tell the difference between high definition television and standard television.

John received a blue-ray player for Christmas from his parents and has been downstairs popping various movies in the thing to demonstrate its extraordinary capacity for enabling the ultimate cinematic experience.

“Look! Honey, come see!”

I go look.

“The Star Wars dvds look so amazing with the blue-ray’s up-convert technology!”

“Pardon me there?”

“Up-convert technology. The blue-ray takes our dvds and makes the resolution better than in our old dvd player. It’s not as good as if they were blue-rays, but the picture is much better than before.”

“Okay then. I’m going to finish this here pumpkin pie now.”

“You don’t notice the difference, do you?” The disappointment in his voice is palpable.

“Not so much,” I say.

He proceeds to pop in the new Star Trek blue-ray he bought, and then Cars, which causes a frenzy among the younger crowd dwelling within the confines of these walls.

It’s so amazing,” John whispers.


This week, he somehow conned my father out of his old speakers- behemoth monstrosities that now loom over us in the living room.

The sound is so amazing,” he whispers.


I can’t complain, however, because my ever-loving other half bought me the yuletide gift of furniture. I now have a micro-fiber loveseat and couch and a bountiful assortment of cushions.

He moved the recliner from the living room into the already crowded library/ dining-room/ piano room. I am opposed to this. Really opposed to this. But I can’t say anything because HE BOUGHT ME FURNITURE! I am in such a state of bliss that I am letting this go. (Until a couple of weeks from now when he starts traveling for work. Then, I will simply move the recliner back to its rightful spot in the great room and he will inevitably become annoyed and move it back next to the piano and then I’ll move it back where I want it and this will go on until he gives up because I am more stubborn than he is. And more right than he is, too.)

Ahhh, the holidays. No better time to have meaningless, trivial battles of will with one’s spouse. No better way to end the year, either.

Merry Christmas!


Janet said...

That's better than going to Jared!

hokgardner said...

I wouldn't be able to tell the difference either. My husband covets a HD TV and player, but it's not happening right now. And if we had a bigger house, we'd have furniture battles, too.

Merry Christmas!

Dad said...

Wait till you see Inglourious Basterds on Blu-Ray! More than amazing! Then you'll get it.

Marie said...

Holly, I just surfed into your blog, and I'm sitting here literally laughing my butt off because you sound so much like me!

Love your birthday post/pic, btw. What a cute baby!

(Scrubbing barf out of the carpet...LOL...I've done that! With no thanks, thank you very much!!)