Monday, October 4, 2010

The Day in Pictures

John is having a hard time accepting that his coffee maker is kaputs. Every time he brews coffee, it leaks all over the place. So he's taken to brewing his coffee in the sink, even though we have at least four other functional coffee makers collecting dust in the garage. My head hurts thinking about this.

This is what happens when certain people leave their lime chips out:

The pre-wash cycle:

This is what the twins were doing while I was bringing groceries in from the car. I can now empathise with what those poor people in Iceland went through. This picture doesn't quite detail the extent of the damage. They flung ashes across the room, onto all of the furniture, onto the clean folded laundry, even onto the television. My vacuum cleaner needed emptying four times. During the third time, I'm pretty sure it swore at me. And one of my attachments broke while I was vacuuming the cushions. Cleaning up the living room= 2-hour project.

Look what I found!!! It's the wishbone from last Thanksgiving's turkey. We are such procrastinators.

Now is the time where I ask if I can come stay with you for a day or two. If you have a house where all of the people and animals have COMPLETE control over their bowels and are reasonably quiet, I assure you, I would make a very pleasant house guest.

If not, I understand. I hear there's plenty of room at the Hotel California.


hokgardner said...

OK, we will never have a fireplace. I'm terrified to think what my kids could do to it given the time an opportunity.

Sandy Ting said...

We had a fireplace insert at one time and I can testify that it is a dirty backbreaking job caring for one. I remember cleaning out the ashes, stacking wood and bringing in the wood during the middle of winter.

Now for a happier subject. I feel for John as far as his coffee problem. Why doesn't he use one of the extra coffee makers? I'd use anything to get some coffee.

Heidi said...

Ahh, kids and puppies, just like my house right now. We have had our new puppy less than a week and I am already tired of potty training! Luckily all my babies have control over their bowels, but they are NEVER quiet! Sounds like you and I should hit the hotel together!h

Jessica said...

Maybe the twins were just trying to redecorate ;) Good luck with all the potty training with all members of the household! ;)

Traci Michele said...

LOL! My coffee pot leaks like that too! Very creative to put it in the sink.

I love Lime chips!

You are so funny Holly!


Toaster said...

If it's any consolation, your kitchen floor is MUCH nicer than ours! I have been wanting to replace ours forever--it is just cheap vinyl that never looks clean, despite not having pets or kids. ;)

Elizabeth said...

I like that dog, he is helpful with dishes and eats lime chips. yum.

Steve Finnell said...

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Holly said...

And you mine.