Monday, October 11, 2010

Ithaca to Buffalo

The kids and I just took Kiah for a walk. Walking Kiah is like walking a drunk home: There’s lots of swerving, urinating on private and public property, yelling for no reason whatsoever, and on top of all that, you end up having to carry the person a good part of the way. But a vigorous walk is the only way to tire the little sucker out. She’ll get better at it soon, I hope.

John and I left kids and dog with family this weekend to frolic about central and western NY. There was a lot of cajoling of family members and scheduling involved, but we managed to find a way to unload all four of them. Quite frankly, planning a short excursion away together is exhausting, and I don’t really want to do it anymore.

On Saturday, we ventured out to Ithaca, where we went to the biannual book sale with our friends Bob and Beth. Because whoever dies with the most books wins, y’know. Or ends up on that show “Hoarders.” (This is not just ANY book sale, by the way. It is the second largest in the states!)

Saturday was the day I learned that no home should ever be without an atlas of New Zealand.

I made it to the following sections: local interest, crafts and hobbies, children’s books, fiction, and pets, where I purchased the book The Dog Whisperer so I can learn to communicate with Kiah on a higher plane.

I spent an excessive amount of time in the kids section, browsing for books I loved as a kid. Like Pippi Longstocking. And Henry and Ribsy. And The Trolley Car Family. And those crazy Happy Hollisters, who had a daughter named Holly. Holly Hollister. (What were they thinking?)

I didn't make it to biographies, music, and other various non-fiction stops. Too many books; not enough stamina.

Bob, a Cornell law school graduate, took us on a tour of the college. Stupid Cornell, with its gothic-looking architecture that sits high on a hill overlooking the very blue Cayuga Lake.

Last week, John woke me up early in the morning and I, still in a state of sleepy stupor, said the following: “I got into Yale and Harvard. I’m going to go tell the mean girls, now.” And then I tried to go back to sleep. I think visiting Cornell is going to perpetuate such dreams.

Sunday, we went to a Bills game. I’d never been to a pro-football game. Now I can say I have and be done with it- unless we get seats next to the aisle. I say this because drunk men are really rude when you pass them to go to the bathroom. Plus, the Bills are a horrible team.

On the other hand, it was a perfect day with bright blue skies. We heard a great rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner,” and we had heated seats, which I didn’t even need to turn on. The cheeseburger I had, however, was the worst.


Lake Cayuga from Cornell campus.

The law school.

Part of the law school. Those are professors' apartments up there.

This picture reminds me that I will never be able to visit or attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Us, sans children! Don't we look relaxed?

The bell tower.

Sexy cheerleaders!

Big big men in tight pants.


Marty McCarthy said...

Sexy cheerleaders???

Holly said...

I was impressed with the cheerleaders. Especially when they did splits in succession! They were much more impressive than the Bills, anyway.

Toaster said...

Second-largest book sale? Where is the largest? This calls for another road trip! :)

I thought your photos came out great (including the one I took); I especially like the first shot.

Dad said...

While you were in Buffalo we were Sunday-driving out past Syracuse and ran into an area south of Utica that had the highest concentration of antique (and used book) stores I've ever seen. I got a fine 7-volume set of George Eliott, very reasonable.

Sorry the other grandparents gave you such a hard time about babysitting! The dog Kia actually did pretty well being walked through Black Creek Park on Saturday afternoon.

Dad said...

I think Eliot only has one "t"

Elizabeth said...

Is Dad available to look after my kids??? because he sounds both patient and well read ... a winning combination in a baby sitter!
I love the pics and yes you do look relaxed.

Dad said...

Let there be no misconception -- it was Sigrid, not I, who had a firm hand on the dog Kia's short leash. Not in my skill set.

Marty McCarthy said...

I guess I can't argue with that logic... and I am ok with it.