Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Kiah the Wonder Dog

Obamacare. You’ve been waiting to hear what I think. My position may shock you. I believe that Obama’s healthcare plan doesn’t go far enough. I will NOT REST until every dog, regardless of its breed or its owner’s income, race, creed, etc., has full health coverage. I see absolutely no good reason why your tax dollars shouldn’t pay for the health and wellbeing of all dogs when so many pet owners simply can’t afford to pay themselves.

You may say- if a person is already strapped for cash, perhaps they should not get a dog.

To which I say- how dare you.

Kiah the Wonder Dog had a little oops on Sunday. We made it almost three whole weeks without an incident. Kiah, who is 70% stomach and 30% fluff, ate another dog’s thyroid medicine. This is something the dog books don’t warn you about. They don’t say, “when socializing your puppy with another dog, make sure the older dog does not offer your puppy its thyroid medicine because he doesn’t want to take it himself.” (That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.)

John, of course, was beside himself. We found an emergency pet center and John sped Kiah there to expel all poisonous contents from her stomach. Kiah is fine and has suffered no side effects. John is now in therapy.

The cost of taking a puppy to the vet on a Sunday? Aye carumba.

Health coverage for all dogs! And maybe partial dental coverage, too.

Back when she was really little. A whole week ago.

"Waiting for mom to wipe my muddy feet."

Jumping up to say hello.

Where she lays when I am cooking dinner.

It's hard to be this good looking.

This is not your room.


hokgardner said... I love that ball of fluff and stomach.

Debbie said...

Oh my!!! She is absolutely adorable...

Michelle said... possibly the cutest dog I have ever seen!

Holly said...

She is a sweet ball of fluffy. I'm thinking of instituting a "Kiah picture of the week" on my blog...

Dad said...

Australian shepherds, maybe. But if they extend Obamacare to chihuahuas, they will have gone too far.

Holly said...

Isn't Tinkerbell a chihuahua? Audra-I will make sure she's covered. Don't worry.