Thursday, December 2, 2010

GREED and generosity

I am about to share the extent of my greed.   Here are some of the things (and note I said SOME of the things) on my grand holiday wish-list.  I left out the prices so you would not know the extent of my sliminess.

Anthropologie Modeling Clay bag

It's all smushy and pretty.  And soft.  Kiah would have a field day chewing this up.

I don't have a cell phone.  I want this one.  John has one and so do Nate and Mary, and whenever we go to Maryland to visit, there is a moment when they're all doing something with their iPhones (probably texting about me behind my back), and I feel lame.  And I want that app where you hear a song in a store, want to know what song it is so you hold your phone up, and it automatically finds the song for you and tells you the title and artist.  So many major questions in my life could have been answered if I had had that app. 

J. Crew Arabelle dress
 But Holly, they say, where would you ever wear this?

Um, where wouldn't I wear this? This is the closest representation of the white dress Grace Kelly wears in To Catch a Thief I've ever come across. Cary Grant, fireworks, and diamonds sold separately.

The iconic dress...

Atlas 9 Series Snowshoes
Because I live in western New York.   And they go so well with the dress.

Black and Decker FHV1200 Flex Vac Cordless Ultra-Compact Vacuum Cleaner

I feel like the minivan would stay a lot cleaner if I had this. 

Dyson Ball All Floors
 Because the $70 Eureka vacuum isn't cutting it.  Four kids, a puppy, and a John require the big guns. 

Film Noir Classic Collection Vol 1
Detectives and dames :)

Black and Decker Jigsaw
I want to make stuff.

Red Gatsby Newsboy Hat

Because I look good in hats.

Seren Antique Mercury Glass Lamp Bases
 Pottery Barn.  You are my porn. 

Snowglobe from Sundance Catalog

Isn't that peaceful?

Toni Amazing Bangs from Avon

Clip-on bangs!  Ingenious!  The ultimate solution for people with annoying cowlicks. 

So, I don't NEED any of these things.  (Although we could debate my needing the Dyson.)  And as I was making this visual list, I realized how ridiculous I am. 

I don't really need anything.  I have lots of wants, but few needs.  And in that way, I am very fortunate. 

I wanted to have access to a charitable organization on my blog this Christmas- I chose because it is reputable and well-run and because they inundate me with literature every December.  Let's buy some family a cow, people. 

You can make a donation of ANY amount on the sidebar.  Find out more about the organization here.   (All giving, including who donated and how much, is completely anonymous.  We are not Oprah.)


Jessie Andersen said...

I totally agree that the snowshoes go perfectly with the dress. I'm totally jealous of the dress, although, I shouldn't be since you don't actually own it...yet! Ask John if when he buys it for you if he'll get one for me too! :)

I like you, have few things on my list. We are so blessed, especially in this economy, to have our needs met. God is so good.

Toaster said...

I like the dress! I keep adding things to my Amazon Wish List all of the time...I don't really expect to get all of these things, but it's fun to dream (and to virtually shop!).

On a more serious note, philosopher Peter Singer says that there's no excuse for having things that we don't need when there are people in the world that don't have the things that they DO need. I get what he's saying, but where do we draw the line on this? After all, does Singer himself own more than one pair of shoes (because do you really NEED more than one?). I would be that he does.

Toaster said...

Just realized that my comment might come across the wrong way--I totally agree with Jessie that most of us living in America are extremely blessed! I might daydream about wanting more, but I am very thankful for what I do have, and I DO try to give to others who don't have.

Holly said...

It is the great ethical dilemma. I think if we buy something, and it gets used, then we shouldn't feel like horrible people. It's all of the stuff I had to have and never wear or use I have guilt about.

Toaster said...

Good point, Holly!

Dad said...

You can call me if you want to know about a song.

Holly said...

My dad is an old school iPhone app. I got half of these Christmas wants from Sigrid's catalogs, btw.

Elizabeth said...

I think you probably DO need the vacuum and the iphone. I want an iphone too. Most of my "issues" (and posts for that matter)are first world problems. I live a charmed life and its great to be reminded of it. You linking to a charity is a wonderful thing to do.
David and I are giving the kids a goat each for Christmas (through CARE Australia ) "their" goat will go to a family in Asia or India and hopefully make a small difference.

Holly said...

Your gift will make a huge difference! What a great way to teach your kids about generosity.

Jessica said...

Seriously you had me dying laughing with the "pottery barn you are my pron" that was SO funny - and "we are not Oprah" haha!