Thursday, December 30, 2010

John's "Beard"

Yesterday, I received this amusing e-mail from my father.   It is now my first "guest post."

Holly, your portrait of John (saintly, long-suffering) looked so much like a Renaissance-era portrait, probably of St. Jerome or somebody, that I won't be able to rest till I've found the one it's closest to. No luck so far.


 St. Peter:

Rembrandt self-portrait:

Titian's "Man with a glove":

Titiani self-portrait:

Titian's Portrait of Pietro Aretino:

Another Titian Portrait of Pietro Aretino:

Holbein's portrait of Thomas Cromwell:

John again:


Traci Michele said...

lol! hahaha

Anonymous said...

He looks like a eunuch.

Jessica said...


Anonymous said...

Well, as of New Years Eve, he did slightly resemble Ambrose Burnside or Colonel Mustard from Clue.