Monday, March 19, 2012

Driving With the Windows Down

Caleb is really into cars lately. He may even become (gasp) a Nascar fan.

“If I were a car,” Caleb said, “I’d be a Ford Shelby gt500.”

“Really?” I responded. “And what would Ben be?”

“A Ford gt40.”

“And Daniel?”

“Hmmm. A Corvette zr1.”

“And how about Ella?”

“Ella could be a Jaguar xf.”

“And what about me? What kind of car would I be?”

“A Chevy Impala.”

Well, crap.

Here's a song you listen to on a 75 degrees day while you're driving fast, windows down...


Mom said...

Well, I hate to think what kind of car I would be. Probably a Buick!!

Holly said...

Caleb says Aston Martin. :)