Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday Morning News

I think maybe I used up all my words. Either that or I need some blog post prompts.

I have little of interest to say.

The weather here is gorgeous. I’m actually thinking of running off to JoAnn’s to buy some Easter d├ęcor. I always felt that nothing looks more depressing than Easter eggs on sparse branches in the dead of snowy March, but my crocuses are up and daffodils aren’t far behind. There is so much hope at the beginning of spring. I’ve demanded a porch swing for Mother’s Week where I plan to idle the summer away writing and reading and snoozing while my kids wreak havoc on the neighborhood. (I’m a superior mother. That’s why I get an entire Mother’s Week.)

In other news:

Good/ bad news: I had an interview at a real corporatey place where people wear heels and makeup. I thought I did okay, although I may have talked with my hands a bit much, and I might have said, “When I get this job…” I was trying to be confident. I think I came off as slightly unhinged.

There’s nothing wrong with working in pajamas, anyway.

Bad news: John’s traveling again so I’m left to my own devices, which means I’m eating jellybeans late at night while working on my “novel,” which has far too many characters for me to keep track of. Also, they’re mostly very badly behaved. I need to get control over them.

On Saturday, my family intervened on the chaos that is my life and hauled an entire dumpster full of junk out of my basement and garage. Good news: John’s luxury vehicle now fits in the garage. Bad news: Holly no longer has the collection of birthday cards she received when she turned ten.

Bad news: This week, I’m taking Caleb in to radiology because of his “failure to thrive.” I.e., he is the shortest third-grader in the world. Ella is off to get genetic testing on Friday, and Daniel is off to the doctor later today to see if there is good reason for his limping.

My children exhaust me.

Good news: Ben is healthy and cute!

Bad news: Kiah the Wonder Dog ate my jellybeans.

Good news: Kiah the Wonder Dog ate my jellybeans.

And that’s my life in a nutshell. Also, I had a remarkably awesome hair weekend.

For your Monday-morning happy song project selection: Some Bobby Darin.


Anonymous said...

Awesome song.

See, I'm going to show you how I'd make a good editor of your novel - it's "wear" not "where"

Otherwise, an enjoyable read, as always.

I would like to see a picture of your hair.

~ Corrie

Anonymous said...

Corrie beat me to the one typo I have seen out of your wonderfully delightful blogs.


Holly said...

I fixed the typo- wrong. I'm having a really off Monday.

Janet said...

Wow! I'm one self-centered friend! I found out more about what's going on in your life from reading your blog than the hour 1/2 we spent together this morning! You are a superior mom! That is for sure! Let me know how things go with all the doctor's appointments!
I meant to ask you how the interview went and completely forgot (old age).
I enjoyed our walk. And I'm so proud of you for simplifying your home!
I love you!

Kim said...

I've always like the song "Beyond the Sea," even before the cruise line and Lost stole it and wrecked it. I used to sing it while floating on my back in my friend's pool with my ears under the water. I sounded amazing.

For someone who didn't have anything to write about, you really filled out this post! Wish me luck in doing the same.

Good luck with all the doctors. I'll be praying for all of you.

Now, go buy yourself some more jelly beans! :-)

Toaster said...

Good hair counts for a lot--I've been having a bad hair week, and my stylist is on maternity leave until the 28th! :o