Saturday, June 27, 2009

Luke, I am your father...

Today I found myself on the computer googling these words: Why would Darth Vader die without his helmet? Let's put an end to this mystery once and for all. Here is the cogent answer from

Darth Vader wears a unique suit of dark armor. It is the equivalent of padded battle armor and imbued with dark side power through Sith construction techniques. The dark armor provides Vader with damage reduction 6, and it contains a life-support apparatus that maintains Vader's breathing and his shattered body.

Tomorrow, if Ben remembers, he will be asking me for the answer. I plan to just read him this statement and see how he responds.

Did I tell you, by the way, that I am starting my thesis this summer? I was going to write about turn of the century American Literature, but now I'm seriously considering a new approach entirely. The working title of my forthcoming paper is (for now) "How damage reduction 6 contributed to the demise of Alderon." It's intense.

I want to take the opportunity to especially thank my friend Janet for allowing her children to pass on their talking Darth Vader helmets to my kids. Now I have the pleasure of listening to the voice of James Earl Jones utter the famous words "you don't know the power of the dark side" about 50 times a day. Oh I know the power of the dark side, mister. It involves a screwdriver and the removal of some batteries and a four year old boy in hysterics.

Ben is now four! Last Sunday we had what I believe was his third Spiderman birthday party. Star Wars is very big with him right now, but Spiderman still reigns supreme. Here is a pictorial overview of Ben's big day:

We had cousins in attendance! This is an especially rare occurrence! The first and fourth from the right are not mine. They are my sister's. I would keep them, though. No one would have to ask me twice.

The gift-giving portion of the party. In this picture, Ben has just received the annual gift of cheese.

Four-year-old spit is sweeter and therefore tastier on your cake than three-year-old spit.

An extremely hard to come by picture of this blogger and her elfin daughter. It was a most lovely day. I got sunburned, of course.

As happens so often at a Jennings' family gathering, two children broke out into a sword fight.

Caleb lost.

Some crazy lady made all of the males in attendance don Spiderman masks and pretend they were "webbing."

The last of our family-members leave... much sadness in our home for about two seconds. Then, all remembered there were presents to be played with.

And thus begins another chapter in Ben's life. What a privilege it is to be a part of it.

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Sassypants said...

Great pictures!!! First off I LOVE your hair! I don't know what John was thinking with his comment in the previous month....

(Sorry to bring that up John hope you are out of your manservant phase)

Anyways I thought you would be amused to know that on the couples retreat with Ridgewood Bible Church we did this "Clue" game and one of the things people had to guess was SPIDERMAN however they of course did not know that. They had to watch someone act it out for them and then react it out for the next person and so on... well the one person trying to reenact the "webbing" looked like she was flipping everyone off LOL it was very amusing! As was the toilet plunger that looked like a weed whacker by the end - good times!