Monday, June 15, 2009

Picnics are Great, Allergies are Not

Ahhh June. The days are still getting longer! I am totally pumped about summer. I can't wait until I don't have to pack Caleb's lunch anymore. That's pretty much going to be the most awesome thing about summer. I will no longer suffer from panic attacks at 11pm because we have run out of juice boxes to put in Caleb's lunch. Caleb is a boy who likes his routine. Give him milk money and he'd go nuts. "What if I lose it? What if they don't let me get in line? What if I don't like their milk?" "They" tell me he's perfectly normal. Yes, I've asked.

I can't believe someday I'll have to pack FOUR lunches. I'm seriously thinking of homeschooling for that very reason.

I have a bone to pick with trees. Yes, trees, specifically cottonwood trees. We were at a teddy-bear picnic on Saturday and that stupid cottony fluff made my mascara run. I was a raccoon with severe allergies. It's strange; all winter I long to be outside and when summer officially comes, I'm whining to go inside, out of the hot sun and away from allergens. It was the most gorgeous weekend though. I got my fair share of vitamin D, thank you very much. Here are some pictoral highlights: good times and lots of noodle salad...

Caleb's end-of-the-year Kindergarten program was on Thursday. I have circled him so you know where he is. I put an arrow to where he stood when he gave a moving oration of the Gettysburg address. Okay, not the GA, but he had LINES that he delivered with dramatic flare, I thought.

Ella and Daniel behaving for once at the teddy-bear picnic. If you look closely, you can see the cotton fluffy icky stuff laying like snow in the background.

Later that day we went fishing. There was a lot of goose poop about. The twins were keen on swimming, but we went for a walk instead. By "keen on swimming" I mean they ran toward the water like loony-birds while I screamed "stop stop stop stop!!!" to no avail.

After the park excursion, everyone was good and dirty and stinky. Ella loves to wash Daniel's hair. She really gets his scalp squeaky clean.

The next day we spent the day outside and there were smores involved. I seriously don't know why we bother bathing the children. At the end of the day she smelled like sunscreen, bug spray, chocolate, and someone's perfume... she gets passed around like a doobie since she's so small and therefore very portable.

Hello Romeo. Daniel picks up babes wherever he goes. Yeah, literal babes! They look a little guilty here, do they not?

Strangely, no Ben pictures this weekend! That's okay. He had a funky rash on his chin you would not have wanted to look at.

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Janet said...

What a great weekend! I'm so glad I got to take part in the walk!