Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I Want Me That!

I am a sucker for infomercials. If it has the "As Seen On TV" sticker on it, I am irresistibly drawn. I have those space saver bags (they do work, but rip too easily), a cookie press I HAVE NEVER USED, a magic broom that actually does work nicely as either a broom or a mop (I can't find it though- probably lost it in the great move of 2008) and those perfect bra clips. My recommendation: if things are so bad you need magical bra clips, it's time to visit the lovely ladies at Victoria's Secret.

Today the twins and I were watching Dora the Explorer when I saw the most wondrous product. It is called the touch n brush. It is a toothpaste dispenser that can be mounted on the wall. You put your toothbrush underneath it and it squeezes out the perfect amount of paste from any store bought toothpaste container. No mess. No squeezing the toothpaste all over the sink and the counter top. No dropping it on the floor. No disgusting hardened toothpaste around the edges of the bottle. AND it purports to use every last bit or toothpaste in the bottle. No getting a hand cramp trying to squeeze the remnants of your Colgate Total onto your brush.

So, I was on the fence about this product. It is 19.99 plus S&H (which I'm sure is about ten times more than what it will actually cost them to ship it to me.) Then they hit me. A commanding voice said "order now"... pause... "BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE!"

I must be a person of very little brain because this ploy never ceases to surprise and thrill me. More??? Really??? I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED ABOUT MORE!!!

The touch n brush comes with a brand new Sonic Toothbrush that will keep me cavity free FOR LIFE. (They didn't say that, but that's immediately how I identified with this new, exciting bonus.)

It Daniel hadn't chosen that moment to grab my tea and dump it on his head, I would have run to the phone and purchased it right then.

Of course, I feel I have a genuine need for this item. Those of you who know what I have to live with on a day to day basis can understand that, right? Less mess=happier Holly. I am curious though...

Do any of your husband's have such a difficult time dispensing toothpaste?


Joyce said...

I actually really want that too! Not that I have a problem with the toothpaste tube; I'm actually quite good about pushing the paste from the end and not the middle.

I'd say this is a must-have for the kids' bathroom, though. Many a time I've tried to find the opening orifice under mounds of crusty blue stuff, only to eventually run the whole dang thing under hot water, hoping it will dissolve away. (This doesn't work particularly well, but it's better than using an ice pick.)

Sassypants said...

My husband can use toothpaste just fine though I would like a self cleaning sink to get his toothpaste blobs and hair bits (from his constantly needs to be shaved head) out of my sink!

Also, my husband and I would like to know if your son is okay given the tea incident.... was this hot tea??

Also did they mention on this fancy dancy TV ad (which I also love - all of them I seem to think I need for some reason or another yet I thrive without them LOL go figure) if you hold the toothbrush under there will it keep coming out? Because that could end up being "more mess=unhappy Holly LOL