Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Pure Gold: One Wife Disguises her Pride by Raving Like a Lunatic

If you are a Roberts Wesleyan College alumnus, you may have heard that my husband was selected as this year's G.O.L.D. recipient. G.O.L.D. stands for "Graduate of the Last Decade" not "Grand Opening Looks Day," or "Global Organization for Lysososmal Disease." When John first informed me of this award, I immediately asked if there was a cash prize, because I am shallow like that.

Guess what? There isn't! You'd think the G.O.L.D. award with come with some shiny stuff, too.

So, I put the whole thing out of my head. But people keep asking me and John about it. He keeps getting congratulated and stuff! At first I was proud, but sheesh... John's already largish potato head is getting even bigger.

So here's what's been perculating in my small brain. As the supportive wife behind the "Graduate of the Last Decade," the one who bore his four children (one of the twins was breach, btw) and who supported him financially through law school, I am putting myself forth as a candidate for next year's G.O.L.D. award. I feel strongly about this. If I am not selected to be the G.O.L.D. recipient for the class of 2000, there is going to a huge fallout. It could get ugly. I might do something unspeakable if not selected... like write about it on my blog. So watch out, people. Watch out.


MGBR said...

I 'Like' this!

Sassypants said...

I would say that the threatening in your blog will go a long way to get you this award. Keep up the good stuff!!!

Anonymous said...

Behind every good man is a better woman.