Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Summer in July. Go figure.

Summer came today. I know this for sure because

Ben's hair got all curly in the heat and humidity.

Look at those curls, man. Ka-boing!

Daniel went shirtless. Boo-ya.

Ella got really messy outdoors instead of indoors.

What a ham.

Well, Caleb's obsessed with baseball all the time, so I guess that's not really a sign of summer.

My passport came in the mail today. We just booked our cruise. We are leaving August 22 from New Orleans to a couple of spots in Mexico and then back to New Orleans again. I'm totally pumped. I plan to eat, sleep, read, eat, swim, and terrorize Mexican natives. It's going to be totally sweet and awesome.

I've never been on a cruise. As with anything, I have some anxiety. This will be the longest I've been away from Ben and the twins. John surely won't have fun on our anniversary adventure if I'm in our small cabin sobbing with snot coming out of my nose just because I miss Ella's little voice, Daniel's chubby hands, Ben's sparkly eyes, and Caleb's infectious smile.

My other three anxieties are almost as concerning. Don't get me wrong, I meant what I said... I'm looking forward to this trip, but WHAT IF:

1. I get seasick. This is obviously a valid concern considering very recent events you may have read about. In my life, I have puked in a car, a train, and now a plane. I have barfed in each component of the transportation trifecta. It only makes sense that a big boat will be next. Put me in a helicopter and we may have a world record.

2. We would like to take time to explore New Orleans after the cruise is over. The question is: where do we put our luggage while we wander about the city? This conundrum is already plaguing my mind. I'm going to want to tour those crazy New Orleans cemeteries and eat jambalaya in the French Quarter, but my suitcase is going to be anchoring me down in one, probably boring, location.

3. Two words: rogue waves. I know, I know. These monster waves are only supposed to occur far out in the ocean. Let's just say I have my own theories about the disappearance of ships in the Bermuda Triangle. I should never watch nautical movies. They freak me out.

I won't even get into the sharks that will be probably be stalking the ship. You might think me paranoid or something.

It will be good for John and I to get away. I recommend it to any couple inundated with children. It will be wonderful to be alone for a while. Me, John, and the hundreds of other people on the cruise ship.

I heard there will be shrimp cocktail on board. I end on that happy note.


MGBR said...

Maybe you could check your luggage at a French Quarter hotel, just for an afternoon?

My name is Heather. said...

ha, you found me. i was blog stalking for a while, but apparently i've been found! :o) wasn't sure if you would remember me. thanks for your prayers, they would be GREATLY appreciated. We know in God's perfect timing our quiver will be full. how's life with your big clan? where is mario's?

btobey said...

1) I'm telling you, go with the ginger pills! Dramamine for back-up. ;)
2) Can't help you there--go to the airport and check it early?
3) Okay, we've all seen Poseidon Adventure, but you know that's not real, right? :p