Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Will Write for Cruise

I started "writing for money" in February, I think. I haven't made all that much money, really. But like any other home business, it takes time to gather clients, form a good reputation, get things together. The great thing about freelance writing is that there's really little to no overhead cost. It just all takes a lot of time. I find myself doing 25% writing and 75% searching for jobs that fit my qualifications, networking, waiting for websites to boot up.

A lot of time is wasted waiting on slow websites.

A new problem has arisen! Two of my clients have dropped off the face of the earth! I don't know the protocol for this... how long before I flip out and send the marines after them? I don't mean to sounds stingy and all, but I want my money, man. There was talk of a cruise for our ten-year wedding anniversary. A cruise! With a big boat! And salty waves! And shrimp cocktail!

I wanted to contribute in my own small way.

This is my first annoyance this past week. The second is the fact that my oldest child is not getting enough sleep.

He finds excuses to stay up late. He worries about things in bed. Sometimes I hear him giggling at ten o'clock at night. I run up to see what the commotion is all about... he states that he just told himself a funny joke. Then he tells me the funny joke. Guess what? It wasn't really that funny.

I know he's overtired because I know how I act when I'm overtired, and Caleb acts the same way. Here's is a conversation with Holly when she is sleep-deprived:

John: Hey baby, what's for dinner?

Holly: (Dissolves in tears) DINNER??? I didn't make dinner! Why are you putting all this PRESSURE on me? You just... just (sniffle)... just make dinner for yourself. (Sob. Gets quiet.) (softly) and could you make me some too?

Here is a conversation I had with Caleb yesterday upon returning from the drugstore:

Holly: Did you see the rainbow? It was a full, gorgeous rainbow across the sky.

Caleb: (Dissolves into tears.) I didn't see the rainbow(Sob)...I never saw a rainbow (gulp) before... I wanted to see a rainbow sooo bad(Choking sob)... I WILL NEVER SEE A RAINBOW EVER NOW!

One should not get that upset about not seeing a rainbow. One might be described as "overtired" or "overwrought" or an "emotional wreck" when one behaves in such a manner.

I'd love to know how to get him to sleep at night. I'm afraid he's prone to anxiety like his mama... but he's only six! Was I anxious when I was six?

Thankfully, after Caleb's breakdown the sun broke through the rainclouds and another rainbow bloomed across the sky. It was so clear, you could see each distinct color. (Roy G. Biv in the full monty.) It was a complete rainbow, a magnificent arch. Another, lighter rainbow appeared above the first, and Caleb got to see it. He saw it all. Now he can put down "saw a double rainbow" on his list of amazing things he's experienced...


Pam said...

my name is Pamella and i'm 15. I love your blog, the things you say, the way you write, even the Emily Dickinson quote and the Breakfast at Tiffanys tittle. when i grow up i want to be a free-lance writer as well. I love the way the words flow in you posts, they sound so nice and i wish i could write like that. I know this is quite random, i just really enjoy opening random pages and reading them, and yours caught my attention. Thank you

Holly said...

I am thrilled you like my blog! Thank you for your kind comments... they really made my day! If you want to be a writer, my only advice to you is to keep at it, write every day, and enjoy it! Thanks again,


Kingdom Mama said...

I agree with Pam. You and your blog are just charming!

btobey said...

Hope you are still planning on taking that 10-year anniversary cruise; we went for our honeymoon and our 5-year, and we'll be going again for our 10-year (which isn't until 2013, unfortunately!).