Monday, January 23, 2012

Alabama Shakes and Shopping at the Home Depot

We're in the process of moving the kids' rooms around.  I lost my office.  Ella is gaining her own room painted the color "Ballet Slipper" by Benjamin Moore. 

This morning, after I convinced the fine gentleman at the paint store I didn't need primer (ample quantities of primer came with the house), I stopped by the Home Depot for an edger, some blinds, and just to browse.

Women enjoy browsing.  Men shop with purpose, and the Home Depot is filled with men who are shopping with purpose.  I meander lazily through the paint aisle and am nearly trampled by contractors and salesmen who assume I have a purpose for being in the paint aisle.  I did have a purpose- getting an edger- but the purpose was really secondary to checking out the Martha Stewart paint colors.  So pretty!  Who gets to make up the names for paint colors?  I want to paint my kitchen "Wooden Spoon," even though it's grey and doesn't match my kitchen at all.

John often mocks me because of my short attention span.

"And that's why I feel so passionate about this.  I mean, it really comes down to- ooooh look!  A butterfly!"

I feel like that in the Home Depot.  There's the hanging blinds I'm looking for, gotta make sure to get cream and not white- oh look!  Carpets are on sale!

I like the Home Depot, and I'm excited about Ella's new- oooh!  Look!  It's your Monday Happy Song! 

I'm really looking forward to this album coming out in April.  If you like Janis Joplin, etc. etc.:


Toaster said...

I would like to browse for colors to paint our new home, but because men aren't big on browsing, we will probably wind up with the popular default, Sherwin Williams's "Softer Tan":

(Not that it's a bad color, but it could be a bit more interesting!)

Kim said...

I like browsing in Home Depot, too. I would love to be the person who gets to name the colors. I frequently pick a color because of it's name and, if I don't like the name, I will not choose the color. Just like my nail polish. Right now I'm sporting "Hot For Chocolate." It just sounds right! :-)

Kim said...

P.S. - Great Monday song! Thanks for sharing it! :-)

Julie said...

I also love browsing the paint colors while my husband and others are dying to get home and get started. Bummer that I wound up with "network gray" when there's color names like "wooden spoon". Looks great but bad name!