Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year, Peeps.

It's 10:30sh and I just recently got up because MY HUSBAND ROCKS.

First on today's bloggy agenda: I've simplified the blog layout. I've stripped it of advertisements and other stuff and changed the blog header. Someone I live with mocked it.

" 'The blog' in parantheses? Ha ha ha ha!"

I became offended, but thankfully we started speaking to one another again in time for me to sleep in today.

Stripping the blog is one step in my major life goal in 2012: Simplify MY ENTIRE LIFE before the crap hits the fan on December 21st. Or 23rd. Or whenever it is we're all supposed to perish. But discussing one's New Year's resolutions is a bit of a yawn when compared to presenting the Monday Happy Song, so I will move on.

Today's song has a backstory:

My father cruelly hid all my stepmom's Christmas music this year, so she's been listening to the soundtrack from The Sound of Music as a substitute. I do not think her Christmas music was ever recovered. I try not to get in the middle of these little marital spats, but I might suggest she hide something that's important to him? His grand piano, perhaps? I know a guy.

Anyway, she requested the following as a Happy Song for Monday, and she was so excited about it (I think she said, "Oooh! Oooh! Oooh!") that I had to oblige her.

On a side note: Caleb is not a fan of yodeling as a musical art form. Or, rather, not a fan of his mother's yodeling as a musical art form.

Comments below are for you to tell me how much you like my simplified blog:


Holly said...

It's not Monday yet, is it? This is what happens when I skip church. Oh well.

My name is Heather. said...

i just said...uh, is she off a day, or planning a sabbatical tomorrow? haha. i love the simplified blog. and i LOVE the header. i am going to work on changing mine out too, but i just figured out how to put pictures in it! ha

Holly said...

Heather- have you ever used picnik? ( So fun and easy to make headers.

My name is Heather. said...

no, i'll have to try, but after working at it for 6 hours last night. i'm done for a bit!

Elizabeth said...

I love the new look blog!!! The greenish look is dreamy.