Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Blog Annoucement

After some consideration, I've decided not to publish blog posts on my Facebook page anymore.  However, since some people won't remember to read my blog unless it's on Facebook (you know who you are), I am creating a Facebook page for the blog.  You can find the page HERE. 

If you would like to continue to receive my blog posts in your news feed, please "like" the page. 

If you'd rather not, then you can subscribe to the blog via Google, Yahoo, etc. or stick your email address in the Feedburner spot over there and have the posts arrive in your inbox.  Neat, right?

If you don't want to do that, either, well.  Fine then.  I don't care.

(Except I do care.  Deeply.)

I will post a couple more posts through my regular Facebook page and then move completely over to the Holly Goes Lightly Most Awesome Community Facebook Page in America Thank You Very Much where I will post pithy quotations, witty sayings, what I'm eating for lunch, how I'm feeling, plus my deepest darkest secrets every half hour or so.

(I won't.  I will only post blog posts and rarely anything else.  Promise.)

Again, the link is HERE.

Next post: Back to Our Regular Scheduled Programming...

1 comment:

My name is Heather. said...

i stop posting to my facebook too....only if no one comes to read mine because they don't remember...oh well. at least i got it off my chest :o) i don't have a "following" like you :o) you show up in my blog dashboard...which i check regularly throughout the day. i'm a junkie.