Monday, February 13, 2012

For Valentine's Day

The husband is out of town half the week, so I was seriously contemplating posting a song full of angst and resentment, like that song Adam Sandler sang in The Wedding Singer after his fiance left him at the altar. 

I was feeling a little sad and abandoned.

Then I thought maybe I was being a tad dramatic.  After all, I get to spend Valentine's Day with four of the biggest lovebugs I've ever met.  We're going to make cupcakes and cookies and watch Kiah the Wonder Dog chew her beef-flavor infused Valentine's Day dog bone.  Also, we're going to fold some laundry. Any Valentine's Day that includes a beef-flavor infused Valentine's dog bone and laundry folding is bound to be glorious.

Today, I'm posting the most beautiful love song I know.  The one I sing to my kids each night:


Kim said...

I've been looking forward to your Monday post all morning! Have a wonderful Valentine's Day with your Snugglebugs and Kiah the Wonder Dog. And I bet you sound just like Whitney Houston when you sing to your kids at bedtime. :-) (At least, that's how they'll always hear you!)

Janet said...

Hope you have a fun Valentine's Day with the kiddos and doggie!