Friday, February 24, 2012

The Real World


Yesterday, I removed the curtains from the playroom. There are seven windows and only two had curtains up. This is a long, boring story. I’ve ordered new curtains! They are called “Blue Windsor Striped Valences.” Ah the domestic life. I am too excited about these curtains.

Anyway, I removed the curtains, and before I could step off of the chair, two of my children had stolen the two parts of the curtain rod and taken them in the other room to begin an epic swordfight.

They are scavengers and foragers. They are why I eat in secret.

Last week, a recruiter saw my profile on LinkedIn and contacted me about a short-term job here in Rochester. It paid well, it was 40 hours a week, and I was a “strong candidate.” I took the interview.

Ultimately, I didn’t get it, but wow, it was nice to be considered. I felt validated, like what I’ve been doing the last three years has actually made me a marketable candidate for the real-world workforce. Tell your friends!

The job would’ve gone through the summer, and of course I worried. I worried about finding a nanny on short notice, about taking time off for a vacation, about the writing conference I’d already committed to. I worried about how to get the kids off to school and what would happen it one were sick. And I thought about the things I would miss, like yesterday, when the twins got the hiccups at the same time. It’s hysterical. They’ve been doing that since they were in the womb.

I thought about how I’d miss Ben’s birthday in his classroom, reading to the twins at preschool, and taking Kiah for long walks on sunny days. I’d miss writing posts for my blog and nibbling at Ella’s leftover peanut butter, honey, and banana sandwich while I write them. I’d miss the rush of the older boys after-school routine. They come in the doors like bats out of hell, hug me, and demand a snack. I always acquiesce.

I’d miss Tuesdays at the Y and Thursday prayers at my friend’s house. I’d miss Ella’s speech therapy sessions and playdates and trips to the play museum. I’d miss snack time and quiet time and even struggling to pin Ella down so I can brush her hair. That’s a morning routine no one can do as well as I can.

I suppose I’m not ready to join the “real world” yet.

Someday, though.


Heidi said...

Ahh, motherhood. I just spent all night awake after a tearfull phone call from our son who was having a hard time falling asleep at his friend's house. Needless to say he got more sleep than I did! But this is our "real world", and nothing is more important right now. Someday they will be grown up, and then maybe we can be too!

Kim said...

I was just writing a blog about how I'm so excited to be starting a new job next week and be getting out of the house. Now I feel horrible! I'm not appreciating the little things! Aaaggghhh!!



My name is Heather. said...

nothing more "real world" than what you are doing holly.

p.s. can you take off this word verification thing!?

Jessica said...

funny how you are talking about the "real world" as getting a job and I think of the "real world" as becoming a mom in a couple months ;)

Holly said...

Oh no, Kim! Don't feel bad! Enjoy your new job! Very exciting for you. I probably would have taken this one if it was offered to me. Maybe.

I meant "real world" a bit facetiously... I think I just feel so cloistered and cut off from "civilization" sometimes. Especially in the winter. My real world is a small world, but all too "real" nonetheless :)