Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Philadelphia in 12

Well, this was supposed to be a post containing 12 pictures from our brief trip to Philadelphia, but as you can see, Blogger is still not allowing me to post pics in their intended upright position. 

I am frustrated. 

I'm thinking of moving to Wordpress.  Is this too big of a pain? Thoughts? Blogger's interface is more straightforward, but Wordpress has fewer gliches, I believe, and I think it looks better. 

Ack.  What does it matter.

I'm in a mood.

Here are some pics from our whirlwind trip to Philly.  No, I did not eat a Philly cheesesteak.  I don't think I've had a cheesesteak since I was 18. 

Flowers made out of container tops. 

View from art museum.

Cezanne is my favorite.

The trip to the museum was worth it just for the ENTIRE ROOM dedicated to the artwork of William Blake.  Blake is of course best known as an early romantic poet  He was also a painter and a printmaker.  The museum was showcasing a series of his illustrations of the Book of Job and Milton: A Poem. 

Bitters!  Made in Rochester, NY!  Cool.

 Liberti Church, where my brother-in-law is a pastor, holds services in the First Baptist Church, which has a very long and illustrious history in Center City, Philadelphia.


bethany said...

I highly recommend WordPress Holly! I use it to manage several blogs and it functions very nicely. You can always reach out to the tech geeks in their forums if you need assistance.

Nice Blake pics. Philly is a fine city.

Holly said...

Thanks! They would've been so much better upright.