Tuesday, February 14, 2012

To Kiss a Thief

It’s Valentine’s Day. If you’re single or your husband is a boob who’s out of town, hanging out with flirty political operatives, worry not.  We have this guy:

It is time for my annual Valentine’s Day homage to Cary Grant’s kisser, observed last Valentine’s Day in the film Notorious.

I’ll be honest. Nothing can beat the smooch in Notorious. But this scene from To Catch a Thief is classic.

Cary Grant plays John Robie, a retired cat burglar living in the Riviera. Because if you were a retired cat burglar, isn’t that where you’d settle? You should see his digs. What a view. And we’re not even talking about Grace Kelly yet.

Unfortunately, a copycat burglar is putting Robie’s freedom at risk, so he sets out to catch him (or her) by tailing potential wealthy victims. One such victim is Francie Stephens, played by the incandescently beautiful Grace Kelly. In the following scene, she tantalizes him with (fake) diamonds.

The fireworks are, um, suggestive.

Oh, you're welcome.


Julie A said...

The fireworks are, um, hilarious! Thanks for a little Cary Grant in the morning :)

Kim said...

Just what I needed this morning, a little Cary Grant and a little Holly! Thanks! :-)

hokgardner said...

Is there any day that can't be made better by watching Cary Grant.